Yearly Crash Data 2011-2020

Each year, the Office of Highway Safety of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety compiles statistical data on crashes that occur on South Dakota’s roads and highways. This data provides the basic information necessary for developing effective highway and traffic safety programs. The crash data is used by local, state and federal agencies to:

  • Identify highway and traffic safety problem areas
  • Initiate and evaluate the effectiveness of laws and policies intended to reduce deaths, injuries, injury severity and costs
  • Assess the relationship between vehicle and highway characteristics, crash propensity, and injury severity to support either the development or countermeasures or their evaluation

The following reports include information about vehicle and motorcycle accidents in a variety of situations such as seat belt use, alcohol related, weather related, road conditions and time of day for both fatal and non-fatal crashes. These reports also include trending for year and age of drivers as well as county and city statistics.